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The Skinny on Shikakai and Amla: Indian Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner

Hey guys!!! Here I’m interviewing my friend Vineela Donthi 🙂
She is native to the Southern region on India. About 3 months ago Vineela and I were talking about the difference she noticed in her hair after switching from Shikakai and Amla (Indian herbal shampoo and conditioner) to regular American name brand products (which shall remain nameless for this video :). Her hair felt striped, dry and damaged. Since our talk both she and I have been using the Shikakai and Alma mix and I can noticeably see the difference in our hair! Check it out!

Cleansing agent (shampoo)

Conditioning Agent

Conditioning Agent

Operation Get Fine for the Winter Time !!! NO EXCUSES!!

The following pictures are from 2007… Back when I was truly on game! LOL!!

So basically from the due to the hustle and bustle of work, commuting, traveling, and running my various business I’ve been eating whatever I can whenever I can. And my exercise routine for the first time in about 8rys has almost been non existent. With deadlines, high stress levels and little time to prepare healthy meals …..lets just say i can afford to back up from the table…LOL! So I’m challenging my self for the next 3 months. I’m calling it “Get Fine for the Winter Time”… So I will not be eating fast food, doing the Insanity work out tape and cooking healthy meals. If you feel like your lacking in the area of a healthy diet or exercising join me! 🙂 Remember if there is anything you don’t like about your self, or life situation you have the power to change it! One good decision at a time!

Protective Styling : The Pompadour

So this was my first attempt at a protective hair style. After learning how important the protection and retention of your ends are when increasing length is your goal, I decided to give protective styling a try. Most naturals who search youtube or blogs for natural hair care tips have heard of protective styling but, for those of you who haven’t it’s an easy non-damaging way to style your hair without straining it. It seems like almost all naturals rock twists or braids but I wanted a different look. Check it out and let me know your thoughts! 🙂






The Curly Blow Out

The Curly Blow Out 🙂

Just in case you missed the steps and products used for this look during the video here is the step by step.


-Tangle Teezer

-Chi Silk Infusion ( or a light natural oils like jojoba oil and mix with shea butter)

-Luster Silk Mango Shea Butter Cholesterol ( or you can use your favorite leave in conditioner )

-Wide tooth comb (the widest you can find)

-Hair Pins ( aka bobby pins J)

Step 1. Start off with washed and conditioned (I usually leave in the conditioner) hair. Step 2. Section hair into 4 or six sections

Step 2. Detangle hair gently using your tangle teezer or brush starting from the bottom.

Step 3. Apply Chi Silk Infusion (or oils mixed with shea butter about a dime sized amount for each section with a lot of focus on the ends)

Step 4. Blow dry each section on a low heat setting (this make take a while but your ends will love you for it!)

Step 5. Once hair is completely blown out, take a nickel size about of your favorite leave in conditioner w/ a splash of water and rub your hands together. Then proceed to rake your fingers thru the ends of your hair making sure that they are absorbing the moisture. But make sure not to put too much water or conditioner because your hair will shrink. It will still be cute and curly but you won’t have the length you worked so hard for.

Step 6. Immediately after applying the conditioner and water give your head a lil shake. Let me rephrase that… a lot of shake! LOL …I know it sound silly but when I do it I see the enhancement of my curl pattern.

Step 7. Once your ends have curled back to your perfection, begin to blow dry them on the low and cool setting for your blow dryer. This will softly freeze your curls like a gel or sprits would but without the flakes and stiffness. Still be soft and vibrant from the oil and leave in conditioner.

Step 8. Style as desired!! In the video above I used Shea Moisture’s Conditioning Hair Milk (which is supposed to be a conditioner but I prefer to use it as a moisturizer) and brushed down one side of my hair. Then I used a few bobby pins (hair pins…whatevaJ you know yo grandma an them called them bobby pins..lol) and pinned it back behind my ear.

Step 9. Operation HOLD DOWN MY EDGES!!!

-I usually use my conditioner but now I use a small amount of jojoba oil mixed with shea butter and Aloe Vera gel. My hair loves this stuff. So l mix about a nickel sized amount of each and apply all around my edges even in the back.

-Then brush it back and tie it up with a scarf and let it sit for about 15- 30min or however long it takes me to get dressed in the morning.

-Then take it off and your good to go!! J

Stay tuned for more videos!!! Protective Styling Video coming soon

Hear and keep on hearing!!! :)

Keep Shining!!!

Faith cometh by hearING the word of God not just having hearD it (Rom 10:17). If your not consistently in a place where you are constantly HEARING God’s word(Rom 12:2 ,Eph 5:26)Renewing your mind thru the washing of the water of the word, the seed of Faith planted in your heart will not get a chance to grow.

Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour…The word May means “Indicates that someone is asking for permission or giving permission”. You have been given authority, power and dominion over all things in this world. So the only way you can be devoured is by saying “Yes you may devour me” (the power of agreement Matt. 18:19).

Satan will come quickly and take it by force (Matt 4:15, John 10:10). The kingdom of heaven sufferth violence BUT the violent take it by force (Matt 11:12)!!! You become violent in this thing by making sure your hearing the word and allowing it to renew your mind daily! Because the source (God) of your force ( the Holy Spirit w/in you) is greater than the resource (the most favorable outcome to what ever situation your dealing with)!!! God is your source!! Greater is he that is within you than he that is within this world!! The Greater one is in you!!!  So once you’ve hearD…Keep on hearING and guard your hearts (Ps. 4:23, Luke 8:15)! 🙂

Why I dared to go where few black woman have ever gone before ……… O’ Natural :)

Unlike many African American women today my reasons for dropping my creamy crack addiction cold turkey was not to be different or for the obvious hair health reasons. Although I wish I was that bold and brazen back then like so many of you are today.

In early 2005 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer (the devil is a liar :). And all I could think was “God why me, why my mother”.  Stuff like this doesn’t happen to me.  As I look back now I know that this was a truly selfish thought with all the I’s, me’s and my’s as if my mother and the rest of the family wasn’t going thru it too. After I got over my self I was able to be there for her and for my younger sisters and brother. She underwent chemotherapy and as an expected side effect my mother lost all of her dark and lovely hair. Now to fully understand the shock of this you have to understand that my mother has always had a head of thick, yet manageable, past shoulder length hair. It was like her crown of glory, and to me it was a part of who she was. Now don’t get me wrong she drastically cut her hair once when I started high school but other than that she kept it just below the shoulder.  She wore wigs and scarf’s for a while but being the strong, confident, God fearing woman that she is she knew that the state of her hair did not define her as a person. She than began to lose the wigs and scarves and reveled the truth. The truth was that she was in the middle of fighting a battle with cancer that she had already won. Her hair, nail color, numbness in her feet, nausea and fatigue were all casualties of war. In 2006 those malignant cancerous cells raised a white flag but she took no mercy on them and the chemo slaughter continued until every single cell was dead. Glory to God in the highest!!!!!

Dana (one of my 3 little sisters), Mom and I

After she was done with the chemotherapy slowly but surely her hair began to grow back, and she was able to see her natural hair texture in its purest state. It was beautiful!!! Dark, soft and curly! She absolutely loved it and also loved the fact that she didn’t have to go to the hairdresser twice a month to sit and wait for 4 hours before she even got her hair washed let alone styled. After having 4 girls she was elated to eliminate a head of hair to comb. Can you imagine what it was like to go to the hair dresser with 4 girls??? It was like we lived there! Her “I’m much more than my hair” attitude, those luscious curls and my attempt to not let her go thru this thing alone prompted me to stop getting relaxers. So as of April 2007 I said good bye to the creamy crack and hello to my curls. After a few months of transitioning I could see the texture and shine of my natural hair and I became even more anxious to go ahead with the big chop. I waited 7 months before I decided to cut my premed processed hair off mostly because I was ready for a change. I started to get a little impatient and tired of dealing with two totally different textures of hair in my head. It wasn’t unmanageable but it felt so unnecessary. Needless to say November 2008 I had my big chop and I’ve been natural ever since.